Four Saisons. Verano.

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Saison/Farmhouse Ale
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malts: pale ale, wheat; hops: hallertau tradition, golding, saaz; spices: black pepper; water; yeast.

Beer brewed in a style getting more and more popular during last years - saison or farmhouse ale, traditionally produced in south regions of Belgium and north France throughout last several centuries. Until recently this style was brewed in countrysides in autumn for further consumption in summer during farm work - hence the naming. We have brewed this version of saison with freshly crushed black peppercorns to emphasize the bright spicy aroma contributed by special yeasts. Beer has a light-golden colour and rich fine-dispersed foam. Flower and fruit aroma with distinctive hop and peeper notes. Taste is a bit spicy too with grasses and flowers on the mouth, aftertaste is powered by hops bitterness. Body is very light which makes this beer very drinkable and delightful - this is the result of special saison yeast work.

This version of our farmhouse ale we dedicate to the wonderful season of the year - summer!