Smoked Porter

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Smoked Porter
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malts: pale ale, smoked pale ale, caramunch II, muncher I, carafa III, carafa I; hops: northern brewer, fuggle; water; yeast.

Classic English porter fermented with ale yeasts brewed with special smoked malt. Smoked porters are extremely popular among the US craft brewers but almost absent on European beer market. Smoked malt used in such a beer is usually smoked by beech or peat - we decided to use truly Russian wood - the birch. We have ordered a special version of smoking machine for malts specifically and used wood chips to create a very special handcrafted grains. We have created a distinctive beer as a result: deep black colour, rich foam, aroma of coffee and smoke and sweety-smoky taste. Bright bitterness in the finish emphasized the impression from this complex beer.

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