Black Sails IPA

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Black IPA / Cascadian Dark Ale
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malts: pale ale, carapils, carafa III special; hops: northern brewer, mosaic, amarillo; water; yeast.

Black Sails - the beer brewed in a very contradictory style. The contradiction is in the name of the style - Black IPA or "Black India Pale Ale". The history of this style is not very long - it started just a few years ago. It all started in US and doesn't have any connection to India despite the name. The authors of the style tried to brew a beer which was very similar to IPA in terms of aroma and taste but had a deep black colour. The problem which the brewer encountered was that dark malts used to brew dark beer tend to add a coffee-chocolate-burnt flavours and aromas - the characteristics usually not associated with real IPA. Our beer has a distinctive aroma of citruses, tropical fruits, lemon, mango and a bit of pines, having a dry bitter taste full of hops. And a very very light touch of chocolate. But if you drink it with you eyes closed it would be very challenging to discover what is the colour of the beer - black beer is usually associated with porters and stouts. The name sends us to those years when Caribbeans were full of pirates, most of them were from England.

So you are welcome to taste our pirate ale!