Lord Of The Hops

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Double India Pale Ale
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malts: pilsner, wheat; hops: waimea, pacific gem; water; yeast.

As you probably know we love India Pale Ale very much. We know that you love this beer as well. We wanted to brew the double (imperial) version of this style for a long time, but we were unable to think out some salt (and how to present this beer comparing to Red Machine which in some batches has the "imperial" strength of about 8 ABV). Finally we stopped at some specific point. Even two points. First, to use the hops from New Zealand and form the basis of our idea. So the appropriate name appeared as a result. Second, it's Christmas and New Year Time, so to give this beer some New Year character we decided to brew it with the most "New Year-ish" fruit - tangerine. Tangerine puree, carefully prepared by us from ripe tangerines from Abkhazia was added to the boil and to the "dry-tangerining" near to the end of primary fermentation. But don't think this beer is like a tangerine juice - it's a strong and bold double IPA with wonderful tropical and citrus aromas and powerful bitterness in the form of 111 IBUs. Despite the parameters, this is a very drinkable beer due to the light body and refreshing characteristics and amazing flavours of Pacific Gem and Waimea hops.